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Reasons for establishing Foundation IPACC-Institute for Peace and Coexistence of Civilizations are wide and on their basis activities and main work programs are made:

1. Fight for survival and development of Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina, unified, through CONSTITUTIONAL SOLUTIONS that can make everyone feel comfortable, regardless of religion, race, nationality or culture, on the whole area of Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina. This is also a necessity for maintainable return with created projects.

2. Creation and implementation of development projects with multipurpose role:

- Making maintainable return possible
- Bringing closer returnees within existing structures
- Disabling nationalists who threaten their people with other two

3. Work on global marketing with the purpose of bringing closer economical subjects from different surroundings, with the goal of introducing different religions, nations and civilizations. Special place takes connecting economy of Bosnia and Herzegovina with the rest of the world.

4. Using knowledge and wisdom about beauty of coexistence in centuries old Bosnia for bringing closer civilizations and prevention of their conflicts. Intercession for making Bosnia and Herzegovina a bridge between East and West, a bridge between civilizations for interconnection, association, cooperation and tolerance.

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