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“After the Second World War, it was clear who was the winner and who was defeated, so it made thing easier. Evil was clearly identified as fascism, and Hitler as its leader. After the occupying forces in Germany rigorously forbade every expression that supports the ideology, it ceased to be a political factor in Germany.  There were no discussions about the war because there was no one to defend Nazi philosophy and attitudes. Almost all elements which helped France and Germany are missing in this region.”


Commenting on how French and Germans could reconciliate 12 years after the Second World War, and nations in B&H are not able to do the same after 14 years, William Montgomery in his political analysis writes: “After the Second World War, it was clear who was the winner and who was defeated, so it made thing easier. Evil was clearly identified as fascism, and Hitler as its leader. After the occupying forces in Germany rigorously forbade every expression that supports the ideology, it ceased to be a political factor in Germany.  There were no discussions about the war because there was no one to defend Nazi philosophy and attitudes. Almost all elements which helped France and Germany are missing in this region.”

1. What happened in B&H.  It seems that International Community waited and gave almost 4 years of time for Serbian fascism to destroy one Bosniak nation. After their failure and when gathered units of Army of Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina and HVO came to liberate Banja Luka and defeat fascism, America ordered them to stop or units of Army of Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina and HVO will be bombed. Dayton peace agreement was made for the rescue of fascism in Republic of B&H. As if Radovan Karadžić was told: “hide away in the background and rule over your Republic from there, we will not take away its name nor territory, even the structure of the government which helped you implement the crimes and prosecutions will remain the same. Be carefree and wait, we will easily pursue and complete your project without you on the scene.”
2. International Community forced implementation of “Constitution” of B&H along with forced Dayton agreement,
·    Which is contrary: International Law.  Charter of the United Nations stipulates that nothing can justify interference in the internal affairs of a country, member of the UN. Preambles of the Charter of the United Nations prohibit the possibility of interference with the constitution relating issues of the countries members  of the UN. Prohibition also includes United Nations and all others, world powers and members of Contact group, respectively;   
·    Which is contrary Agreement Law.  Article No. 46.  of Vienna convention, as a regulation for international law, excludes possibility that ATRIBUTES of sovereignity are subject to international treaties . According to the Article No: 51. and No.: 52. Agreements  sighed under pressure are void, even those signed on free will, if the they are not the result of legitimate will of the negotiators (if those have been given  the constitutional mandate to negotiate that - Article No49).
·    Which is contrary Constitution Law:  According to the Article No.154. and No.155. of the abiding constitution of the Republic Bosnia and Herzegovina,  it is prohibited to negotiate on  Constitution of the Republic Bosnia and Herzegovina outside the Parliament, especially in time of war.
3. In forced “constitution” International Community embedded violation of human rights in organization parts of the constitution. The most severe violations are included in Article 4 and 5 of the “constitution” where ACTIVE and PASSIVE electoral law of all B&H citizens, on the whole area of B&H is being violated. Also, in Article 1, where areas of horrifying war crimes, including genocide, are left inside of republic of Srpska, under the government of Republic of Srpska which was proclaimed by the International Court of Justice as direct executor of horrible crimes and genocide. Victims who survived aggression have to live under the government of those who slaughtered and prosecuted them. Their right to live is taken away from them because, as dr. Nedžad Duvnjak said: “... in so called Republic of Srpska, where right to live, right on private property, religion, and nationality is not recognized for Bosniaks and Croats. Members of those two nations are degraded to the level of wild animals in this ultra nationalistic entity, where any “conscious” Serb can freely arrest, rob or harass them, or even sexually or in some other way (forced labor) use them according to his own discretion and without any responsibility. “
“On the other hand, human rights of citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina are attempted to be promoted on abstract level, in bypass manner, outside of their natural protection from the state of Bosnia and Herzegovina as political community of these people and their national sovereignty statement.”

Because within the “constitution” human rights are being deprived, mechanisms for implementation of proclaimed human rights from Article 2 of the “constitution”, which are theoretically above realizations in some European countries because Constitutional Court of B&H is authorized to harmonize those contradictory articles form the “constitution, since in the Article 2 human rights are given to the citizens, and in Articles 1, 4 and 5 they are taken away. On the level of Bosnia and Herzegovina there is no police or higher court, so the following question of Dr. Duvnjak is reasonable:” Is it possible for a country to exist without courts and police who will equally protect fundamental rights and freedoms of all its citizens and in the whole territory?  Obviously, the goal was to destroy the Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina, so it can not exist any longer as a country.

4. In forcefully imposed “constitution” of B&H International Community embedded protective mechanisms for the survival of Radovan Karadžić’s projects, so it can not be demounted without approval form followers of war crimes, despite of stated will of Bosniaks, Croats and Serbs who are not supporters and followers of the war crimes. It is embedded in the enforced “constitution” with two mechanisms:
·    First is the mechanism of “consensus” which requires consent from the followers of the war criminal Radovana Karadžića on every constitutional change, return to the state before the aggression included, while war criminals did not ask for consent from other who nations when they slaughtered, prosecuted, and by crime and genocide achieved entity they named Republic of Srpska
·    Secondly, there is an enforced mechanism of entity voting above the right of individual as a citizen and above an individual as a member of the nation. Entity above all.  

The best examples of successfully protected war criminals’ project are the meetings for transformation of police structures in B&H. Three years already International Community is losing respect and credibility in world public and all citizens of B&H, complying to the followers of war crimes with constant lowering of criteria for the police reforms and practically letting Police of Republic of Srpska remain as it is. How shameful and humiliating for great powers it is to knee in front of the followers of war crimes who are forbidding transformation of police of RS, which International Court of Justice named as executor of war crimes in whole area of present RS, and in Srebrenica as a genocide executor.

5. As mentioned above, International Community in B&H left the whole RS government structure to exist, especially Army and Police of Republic of Srpska, who committed horrible crimes on the whole area of B&H where they had control over, and in Srebrenica- genocide. It is necessary to mention that besides slaughters and prosecutions, mass rapes of women and female Bosniak children took place on the whole area of today’s RS, and those are also the elements of genocide.

6. International Community did not even try to ban the ideology of Radovan Karadžić. His philosophy and attitudes are being carried out by all RS structures, so we call ‘followers of the war crimes’ those who continued with that philosophy because Radovana Karadžić was already  condemned for the war crimes in front of the American court.

7. International Communities in B&H, after the Dayton agreement, did not insist on canceling the consequences of the aggression and genocide, nor fast return of the refugees by ensuring them return of their private property and jobs they obtained before the aggression on B&H. Annex 4 (B&H Constitution) and Annex 7 (enforces the return of the refugees) are on the same level, according to the Dayton. Anyhow, Radovan Karadžić’s followers only learned that RS was recognized by the Dayton, and by methods of obstruction are avoiding their obligations from Annex 7. Parts of the responsibility for the non retrieval of the refugees carry Bosniak politicians as well, who are ashamed of asking the retrieval of Bosniak property. Their call is not heard because of the overwhelming noise from Republic of Srpska about their unwillingness to return what they took.

8. International Communities in B&H placed on the same level requests from Bosniaks and Croats for retrieval of their properties and the answer of the war criminals’ followers about their unwillingness to return stolen goods. Those dialogues (asking for the property and refusing to give it back) International community called with the same name: “language of hatred”. It discouraged Bosniaks and Croats in their attempts to return the state before the aggression, and encouraged the followers of the war criminals to keep what they kidnapped. Between the justice and the crime, International Community was in favor of defending the crime.

9. Great failure-sin of International Community is its omission to decode racist theory about impossibility of coexistence of various nations in B&H. This theory was spread over years by ethno-political elites, mostly the followers of war criminals but in hidden form, and by advocates of Croatian self-government. Besides the unfortunate aggression and genocide, all three nations were stuck by stakeholder transition at the same time.

Stakeholder transition ROBBERY, from governmental ownership to private, holds the motor and moving force for division and hatred among nations. Ethno-political elites estimated that it is easier to rob their own people, without the competition from other two. In order not to be hated, but to be respected and loved, story about endangerment from other two nations has been made up. Scared people see in them their defenders and not the robbers.

To avoid the confusion, ethno-elites from all three nations took place in this robbery, although Serbs in RS have the most reasons to defend newborn properties since they have 49% of the B&H property; possession of all nations, mainly from working class who spent years building their future, and not it is all gone in vain.  Police was serving and still serves to ethno-political structures, and not to people, which is the main reason why representatives of RS are not giving up on their police.

10. RIGHT ON CRIME: Instead of punishment for the war executors International Community forces victims to forget the crime. Dividing children according to their nationality inside of the same school is being tolerated, just like in apartheid. On the other side, International Community enforced prohibition on studying B&H history in schools from the 1992-1995 period, just to avoid calling a crime by its name. It is so transparent. Cemeteries are full with dates from 1992 and generations are not thought about who killed all those men. This attempt to force oblivion is a reward to war criminals and new shape of genocide. International Community gave encouragement, in the ambient of chaos, to give 14 generations of Serbs education with strong belief that crime pays off and that there is a ‘right on crime’.

There were more genocides over Bosniaks from Serbs with četnik ideology, among which is genocide from 1941-1945 in eastern Bosnia, and even before that every time, along the genocide there was a robbery, so that the victims remained without anything. If there was a punishment for all those acts, they would not repeat, and this last one would not happen. This is why a criminal cannot be rewarded with the right on crime, and he has it until someone takes away what he stole.

International Community declaratively says that no one has the right on crime, but since followers of war crimes still poses the stolen goods, practically the right on crime was given to Serbs. It is dangerous benchmark which can be used in the future by all other individuals, groups and nations, anyone and anywhere, and use the same right which Serbs used in B&H.

11.  DISTRUCTION OF THE ECONOMY: after the Dayton agreement International Community destroyed the whole economy by enforcing irresponsible solutions, favorized by political elites who could rob all companies for themselves and give a bill to International Community under the excuse of fulfilling their requests. Those requests are involved with enforcement of wrong privatization concept. Small privatization was made up so that compact units could be destroyed and robbed, and the rest disabled. With small means giants could have been originated, and earn more money from employed workers in one year, than from selling the company in such disorganized state. Companies who did not start with the manufacturing were soled for small change instead of exciting the manufacturing and earning much grated amounts. Certificated were canceled, and the defenders who had the most of them were taken on the edge of existence, so they had to sold the certificated to foreign companies who bought many companies for incredibly small prices.
This is how many firms were destroyed, especially those with complex systems who were also the main engines of development and export, carrying out huge, several milliards dollars worth projects (HIDROGRADNJA, ENERGOINVEST, UNIOINVEST, UPI, ŠIPAD, AGROKOMERC ..). All those systems were optimally structured, under the government ownership, so they could easily gain guarantee from the state for entering and signing business contracts of great value which company’s property could not cover.

International Community abolished possibility for such guarantees so powerful business systems became incompetent for big projects and lost their business image. Thousands of smaller firms were left without an example to follow, almost like orphans, and it led them to disaster. Now, International Community is selling us a CLUSTER system, like some science, but it is practically similar to the SOUR system which led B&H economy forward.

·    Instead of hiring economical capacities, people, demobilized army members, International Community gave a priority to coloring of facades to remove visual consequences of the aggression, and leave a sense of presence of foreign helpers. It leaves an impression that in B&H is better then somewhere else, because all the facades are colored, wholes on the pavement from the grenades are removed. In Germany people stumbled over the ruins but the manufacturing engines where powered. In B&H, even 15 years after the aggression, half of the population is unemployed; thousands of economical capacities could be empowered with small amount of money.
·    Registrar system has not been established jet, nor centralized system of the priorities according to estimated inputs, in order to make investments for the fields with greatest effects…
·    Lack of transparency made it possible for the huge donations to be used for financing consultant services who did not help anyone but the donators to employ his consultant stuff on recommendations to destroy the power of B&H economy

13. International Community helped the robbery of Federation of B&H and initiated ethnic cleansing. It was approached immediately after the Dayton agreement when displacement of Serbs from Sarajevo was organized, under the control of Radovan Karadžić and Momčilo Krajišnik. The whole world watched on their TV screens displacement of Serbs from Sarajevo, just before the integration of the municipality Center, New  Sarajevo, complete municipalities Ilidža, Vogošća and Hadžići, parts of the Visoko municipality, areas where Serbs lived for 4 years while controlling the siege of Sarajevo.
From Dayton agreement until the mid of March, 2006, International Community gave Serbs a deadline to move out of mentioned areas and take away their properties. No one understood why such a long time was given. When Bosniaks, Croats and Serbs who did not want to move out from Sarajevo with aggressors and who lived with the rest of the people inside of the sieged Sarajevo, then it was clear that Serbs, followers of Karadžić took away all the property from Bosniaks and Croats who lived there before, and even the property of their own companies on those areas. Every machine and complete manufacture engines were dismounted and taken, all the tools, vehicles like trucks, tugs and buses, raw materials, reserve parts, finished products, half made stuff, everything what could be transferred. All firms were robbed in such way. Practically all the companies from Sarajevo and thousands of working places were destroyed because most of the companies had their machines outside of Sarajevo, especially storages and train parks. Serbs demolished their own houses, took away windows, doors, floors, installations, bathrooms, heating, everything portable.  They did the same with the Bosniak and Croat houses. They left the desert behind.  What was not portable- was burned, so every night before the reintegration of the municipality was a night of fire. It was noted that some Serbs died while trying to confront the groups of furious Serbian gangs who went from one house to another and intentionally invoked conflagrations.

Serbs who did not leave Sarajevo for the whole period of aggression, because of the robberies before reintegration, remained without their jobs just like Bosniaks and Croats, because thousands of companies could not start the manufacturing process.
Agony of unemployed Bosniaks, Croats and Serbs even lasted for the long time, and still is on.
Serbs saw that even the members of the B&H Army could not get a job, the ones who saved B&H and its people from complete destruction. On the other side, Serbs followed the logic that where the machines are the jobs are as well. Serbs were also led by the promise of Serbian leaders that they will make bigger and better Sarajevo, so that was also the reason why they left Sarajevo.
In the end, after all mentioned reasons for displacement, Serbs decided to move from Sarajevo because of the burden of moral responsibility, because of all crimes committed in the name of Serbian people. In the end, the motive for displacement was also a sudden chance to sell their houses in Sarajevo for very high prizes, and to buy the same or even better houses from Bosniaks in the areas were crimes and genocide was committed. Now Milorad Dodik asks where the Serbs from Sarajevo are. He knows everything already said, even more than that, but he is trying to delude public opinion and boldly spread lies in order to place in the same level disappearance of Bosniaks from Srebrenica, who were slaughtered and prosecuted, and voluntary displacement of Serbs from Sarajevo, who robbed Sarajevo, took away their and other people’s goods and made it impossible for Bosniaks to survive on the areas of crime and genocide and here in Sarajevo.

What happened with Sarajevo occurred in other areas of B&H as well. Destruction of economical basis of B&H, International Community initiated ethnic cleansing of the areas were biggest crimes and genocide were committed during the aggression. Serbian population from Federation B&H could not get a job on the areas of Federation, because native capacities were destroyed, so they moved to the areas called Republic of Srpska.  

Serbs left Federation selling their property and buying land from Bosniaks who did not have a freedom or economical requirements to return to their lands in RS.

International Community still calls for ethic cleansing because it embedded in the ‘constitution”, and then protected by constitutional laws bigger rights for Serbs in RS, and Bosniaks and Croats in FB&H. executors of war crimes are rewarded by this, and right on crime is justified.

14. High representative Paddy Ashdown enforced a law for counting the internship for the workers who were employed before the aggression. By this law, Serbs who deliberately left the companies and took away robbed stuff were placed on the same level with those Serbs who were left without those machines, and who are not the followers of the Karadžić, and with the Bosniaks and Croats who were forced out of their companies. Companies in Federation B&H once again had to pay enormous amounts of money to the same Serbs who robbed and took away everything from the companies, and the amount is much higher than the one Bosniaks are asking for through the court. For the paradox to be even bigger, courts in FB&H are much more prompt so the companies are bankrupting again because of the court decrees for payment, while in RS government argues about the requests of Bosniaks and Croats, and searches for the ways of omitting the payment.  

15. Elections which took place in B&H did not have any sense because they only legalized the followers of the aggression and genocide, strengthened the power of ethno-political elites who robbed the economy and people and who protected themselves with birocracy structure of government, so that the other structures do not serve in the interest of people but for the authorities.
Many reforms were enforced only formally. Clearest example is so called reform of the defense. “Ministry of defense of B&H was formed, but without abolition of entity ministries. B&H de facto has three divided command structures and three armies.” Practically, only the Army of RS was legalized, who is according to the judgment of International Court of Justice, direct executor of war crimes, and in Srebrenica, the highest form of crime-genocide. Instead of real reforms, International Community was satisfied with the sum of differences, but they are fooling themselves and the people with names. Everything is just delayed.

International Community led 4 transition phases (1995-1997 – stopping the bloodshed and establishment of sustainable peace, 1997-2000 half-protectorate in order to enforce self-sustainable system, 2000-2002 principle of partnership between International Community and home government, 2003-2007 a doctrine of urgent reforms), spending enormous amounts of money for self-financing and even today there is no exit strategy.

16.  After everything, here comes a package of constitutional changes, in April of 2006, with an attempt to save Republic of Srpska on 49% of the territory. Federation would be split later on, Sarajevo would become a district, belonging to everybody and nobody, and the rest would be split in three parts, and Bosniaks would, as a result, lose their state. That is accomplished goal from the letter of John Major states: John Major, Premiere of Great Britain sent a letter on 2nd of May, 1993, to his Minister of Foreign Affairs Douglas Hogg, and it states as follows:” It is necessary to continue with imposture of „Vanes-Owen“ peace negotiations in order to have any kind of action until Bosnia and Herzegovina stops existing as a valid country and until its Muslim population is displaced out of the country. “.If changes of the constitutional, in April of 2006, have not given more functional state of the Bosnia, you can read on web side: www.ipacc.ba under item: THE MAIN DEFECTS OF THE FAILED CONSTITUTION PACKAGE ON APRIL 2006
17. POLITICAL ELITES DO NOT WANT TO ENTER THE EUROPE. Big mistake and misunderstanding of the problem in B&H is threatening leaders from ethno-political elites with inability to enter the EU, if they do not carry out the reforms.  

Firstly, many leaders of ethno-political elites do not wish to enter the Europe. Why would they pay their bills to Europe and then they might be left without the robbed goods which cannot be taken away from them in this nationalistic corral.
Secondly, there are differences in the responsibilities. Bosniaks and Croats let it go for such a long time they have to ask for retrieval of at least some parts of their rights, taken away by the war. Followers of the war criminals are rewarded for the genocide with 49% of the area of B&H and now they want even more.

18. All in all, the results of the International Community’s work in B&H are hunger and poverty for over 70% of the population. Here is the proof: 500.000 citizens are unemployed. Each of them has 3 more member of the family. That is 2,000,000 of hungry people. Around 500.000 retired persons have the pension from which maybe 1 KM is left for the food per day. Around 400.000 citizens are employed, but without regular payment, health insurance and without minimum means for life.  

As an example, lets consider one unemployed member of the Army of Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina who was supposed to have the military payment, and 11 years after Dayton he should start to receive 150 KM per month for him an his 4 member family. That should be enough for all his expenses: rent, electricity, water, clothes, children education, medicines and food. For 4 of them and 30 days. How can those 150KM help him? What about those who did not receive any money still, and will not receive any in the future? They become suicidal. Around 100 members (the period is not known) of the army members killed themselves. We do not know how many Serbs and Croats committed suicide so far, the ones who have been fighting only to starve today. If those suicidal fighters killed at least one politician from every nationality, and one foreign politician, they would call it terrorism. And terrorism is not forcing someone to live with his family on 150 KM per month? Who is the real terrorist here?

In this kind of situation, every Serb thinks that Bosniaks and Croats are guilty for his misery, and vice versa. No one blames ethno-political elites of their people. Institute for peace and coexistence of civilization sees the culprit in International Community who implemented this chaos only to save the project of war criminals. International Community acts in B&H like a devil that forces people to be evil, and when wrong things are done he hides away and says: “I have nothing to do with it, I was just telling you. I have no power over you, you did it by yourselves.”

19. Exit strategy of International Community in B&H starts with optimization of constitutional, political and economical system (constitutional reforms) and to functional organization of the country and society.
People who were in B&H are well aware of the failures motioned above. Our assumption is that the president George W. Bush is not aware of the situation, and that he could give an order to change the orientation of the International Community in B&H.

We are familiar with the fact that “more than 300 members of secret organizations in USA and military who remained in the country after the establishment of European troops EUFOR (NATO’s replacement) deal with the Islamists in the first place” , but we do not know how deep do they go in their analysis of the state and the consequences of International Community’s politics in B&H, and will they offer the winning exit strategy. Our doubts about inconsistent analyses are justified with entering the Iraq war, with no end in sight.

Bosniaks are devoted to USA more then other nations in B&H, but it is not appreciated enough. In a way, Bosniaks were pushed away from Europe and USA when they needed them the most, when Lord Carrington clearly stated that Bosniaks have no chances for survival, instead of suggesting protection of Republic of B&H, as an equal member of UN. Radovan Karadžić threatened the West with Islamic fundamentalism for long time, which is not taken seriously by Bosniaks, since it is untrue from the very basis, so it was not much confuted. International Community fell for Karadžić’s lies and encouraged him to go for the project of destruction of Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina and Bosniaks.

Today, 15 years after the aggression and genocide over Bosniaks and partially over other non-Serbs, International Community has a new challenge:
·    To continue with “neutral” role, and practically work on finishing the project of Radovan Karadžić or
·    To change an orientation and stop playing political games, and to start dealing with process, finally gain a strength to defeat the fascism in B&H and make it possible for citizens of B&H to have a constitutions like other European countries and USA so that citizens of B&H can use their human rights and fundamental freedoms proclaimed on the conventions of human rights.

This time International Community should not reject Bosniaks just because they are Muslims, and should not trust Dodik not more because he is a PR for hidden Radovan Karadžić. He uses the same terminology, defends the stolen goods and threatens the West with the stories of possible Islamists in B&H in order to make the West forget about the horrifying war crimes and genocide over Bosniaks in the name of Serbs, and leave him with the stolen goods.  

The West has to take into consideration a fact that before the aggression in Bosnia, Bosnian Islam was tolerant and practically a connection for multiethnic coexistence and tolerance. When the rest of the world coldly watched destruction of Bosniaks and gave 4 years of time to Karadžić for total destruction, that is when in B&H foreigners, called mujahideens came to help Bosniaks. Bosniaks did not ask for them to come, and it was a small group in comparison to the Army of Bosnia and Herzegovina. And they were more useful to Serbs in their manipulative facts against Bosniaks.

According to Danko Plevnik “Bosnia and Herzegovina does not posses ABC armory. There is no critical mass for the term Bosnian terrorism, in difference to Basque, Iraqi, Corsican or Kurd terrorism. Terrorism is not new to Europe. United Kingdom takes attacks of Irish bombers since 1870-ies. Spain is the constant target of Basque terrorists since 1960-ies; there have been over 700 dead people since then. Italy has ethnically clean terrorism, and since 1969 up to 1986 there were 415 victims. Germany was exposed to left wing terrorism for years, lately even right wing terrorism steps out. Political terrorism did not bypass Netherlands not Sweden. In Bosnia and Herzegovina, terrorism entered under the classical recipe of country terrorism:” Serbian secret agencies led terrorist operation in eastern Bosnia, and in the end turned the terrorism into war. “

Tony Blair said that “some of the mot appreciated scientists and religious leaders from the whole world are gathered here. I am asking people in the country and wider to listen to them. They are authentic voices of Islam”

It is time for intelligence agencies and government chiefs from great powers to understand mentioned writings from Danko Plevnik and realize that they were carried away by lies of Karažić, and that they permitted him to finish his project. They should at least now say to Dodik to stop with lies, to cancel the results of aggression and genocide in B&H. Is it not time to reconsider the message of Tony Blair to listen the authentic voices of Islam, so those Muslims different from tolerant Bosnian Muslims would not stand a chance.

If the West succumbs to all the lies Dodik told in CSIS during his visit to USA, by the end of May 2007, Republic of Srpska remains and Federation of B&H falls apart, it would be deadly of the West. They would definitely push Bosniaks away, which is contrary to the wish of Bosniaks to enter the Europe because they are European people, and it would be a call for 1,200.000.000 Muslims to identify with the tragedy of Bosnia and to “save” Bosnia on their own ways.

This is why we are appealing to Western security agencies to ponder deeper into the reasons why Dodik is feeding Serbs with the Serbian ideology, and why he is not letting even ministers to peek into agreements in which Dodik is selling the property gained by all nations in B&H for over 50 years. International Community must give the human rights and democracy to all Bosnians, because of the story about humanity and democracy and sending soldiers to die in Afghanistan and Iraq.

This time we want to show to the great powers, especially USA and Europe, that in the time of dangerous polarization among civilizations, USA and EU could have more use of preserving B&H as a nucleus of tolerance and an example of coexistence among civilizations, then from destruction of whole B&H and creation of nationalistic ghettos which is, after all, finishing the war criminals’ project.

The main condition for exit strategy is changing the orientation of International Community in Bosnia. Strengthening of the governmental functions cannot be achieved along with serving interests of Radovana Karadžić’s followers whose only goal is to destroy B&H and strengthening the entity. Instead of reducing B&H to common functions, which is actually a sum of differences, International Community should change its orientation and strengthen governmental organs of B&H.


The OHR with its Bonn powers alongside with the United States and the EU are needed in Bosnia and Herzegovina until RS’s veto right over B&H and consensus as an integrated mechanism of survival for the Radovan Karadžić’s project are abolished, and the results of the aggression and genocide are neutralized.

The existing Dayton peace agreement has so many constitutional-legislative paradoxes which internationally recognized expert Dr. Edin Šarčević in his writing on Dayton “constitution” commented in these words:” I belive that new perspectives can only be opened by bringing a new, radical full state constitution. The presence of the International Community in Bosnia and its High Representative today may have a long-term sense only under the presumption of abolition of this constitution with all of the state nusproducts of its antimonies. “.

Before the new constitution it is important to lift the suspension off the constitutional state before the aggression and use it as a starting base for the creation of a new, democratic constitution.

We sincerely hope that the people of wisdom will, on the basis of analytical achievements, influence the politicians to change their passive stance towards the victims and take measures to defeat the fascism in Bosnia and Herzegovina. “I am reminded of the words of the poet Archibald Macleish, who wrote in 1940 of the world’s passive response to rise of fascism that: „Murder is not absolved of immorality by bringing men to think that murder is not evil. This only the perversion of the mind can bring about. And the perversion of the mind is only possible when those who should be heard in its defense are silent“. (Our comment: Today we have the twisted minded sworn guardians of Radovan Karadzic’s legacy in RS preventing the return of stolen and plundered on one side, and OHR, members of PIC and their ambassadors in B&H, NGOs and even the headship of SDA and SDP parties as the dumb bystanders.

At the end, let it be emphasized, the writer of these lines does not consider himself to be any more intelligent, nor braver than the ones mentioned, he just considers himself to be challenged by the confused state of International Community in its unableness to suppress evil. Citate by Hegel: “Precisely because you did nothing to abolish the existing evil with your action, you are not only guilty, but as a passive and silent participant in the world s existing evil you become and remain-evil.”
Quote from Hegel: “Precisely because you did nothing to abolish the existing evil with your action, you are not only guilty, but as a passive and silent participant in the world s existing evil you become and remain-evil.”   Therefore, standing up to a concrete evil is the only way to produce good.

By now no one asked for removal of the aggression and genocide consequences in B&H. From time to time there were stories and writings about violations of human rights but there are no official letters to UN Security Council to change the mandate of the Council for Peace Implementation and High Representative and stop the practice of ‘neutrality’.

We invite the representatives of the great powers to lift the suspension off the Constitution of the Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina on all of its territory as Susan Johnson did on the territory of Brcko District. You do not need a consensus to do so. This way you will take the victims side and be written down as men of wisdom, unwavering greats who are not just rhetorically but practically too against the rewarding of the war criminals. Remain friends of Bosnia and Herzegovina, for only united B&H is wide enough for all of those who want justice and peace. Return the ambience of pre-aggression and genocide to the Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The indicator of it as the right solution is the following statement: “Brcko district is the model for the rest of the Bosnia and Herzegovina” made by Christian Schwarz Schilling, the High Representative in B&H, on the seventh anniversary of forming the Brčko district.
If it is so, then why doesn't the International Community agree and bring back the constitution of Bosnia and Herzegovina to the state which it had before the aggression and genocide.

After that, without the protection of entity politicians and police structures the criminals would be arrested. It would be the right medicine for all the problems in Bosnia and Herzegovina, for Bosnia and Herzegovina is wide enough for everyone, if everyone is equal and tight fit if everyone is packed into national sheepfold.

The writer of these lines feels the need to explain why he used a vocabulary which may not be described as diplomatic at all. With all due respect to everyone reading these lines, I would like to ask everyone to put himself in the victims place. You too have mothers, brothers and sisters. If your mothers, your sisters and your daughters were rapped, and your brothers and your sons killed, houses burned, land taken away, how would you deal with things? Could you just forget it and make a deal with criminals if someone would tell you, come on, make an agreement, and it has to be a consensus, while the criminal has the veto right!?

Every evil in the world ends with a victory of good. It is time to finally see it happen in Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Director of the IPACC institute
Mr. Nurija Omerbasic
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