Summary of Genocide in Bosnia


Serbs, gathered around Milosevic, Karadzic and Mladic, committed aggression and genocide[1], in Bosnia, in proportions evident in the following data: 

  • More then 700 concentration camps had been organized on the territory under the control of Bosnian Serbs , through which thousand of Bosnian and another non -Serbs had passed ;
  • 500 mass graves have been discovered  up to now.
  • More than 30.000 of Bosnian women, even 10 year -olds, had been raped;
  • About 200.000  of Bosnians and other non Serbs had been killed
  • Over 2, 000.000  Bosnians and another non Serbs had been expelled from the country.
  • More then 3000 religious  objects had been devastated.  

American expert[2] for Ottoman culture  on Balkans , Mr. Andres Reidlmayer has presented the data on this issue, stating that, in the period between 1992-2005 on the territory under Serbs control in BiH,  in 26 municipalities, 985 mosques, 270 Catholic Church, 23 Catholics monasteries had been devastated.  

Proportions of the genocide in Bosnia and its upshot is not only a catastrophe laid out in figures  but  also in horrifying methods used by the perpetrators, and I will present just two: 

War criminal  Lukic,  said on the Criminal court at Den Hag  that he doesn’t feel quilt even for setting ablaze a house wit more than 135 women and children trapped inside.                                                 

One woman, giving her statement to the same  court, few weeks ago, said that the Serbs raped her in front of her own son. After that, they forced her to give them the sharpest knife with which they slit the throat of her son,  before her very eyes.     

[1] Resolution of USA Congress on genocide in Srebrenica, Resolution of Council EU on genocide in Srebrenica, Verdict of World Court in Den Hag for Individual crime and genocide 
[2] Andres Reidlmayer, as wittiness to World Court in Den Hag,.