"SREBRENICA" Remembrance for the future

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7Ralf Fuks, Member of Boards of Directors of the Foundation: Heinrich Boll In the preface the book: SREBRENICA REMEMBRANCE FOR THE FUTUREThe lack of empathy and political energy in the face of expulsions and massacres, mass rape and torture, the siege of cities like Sarajevo or Bihać, remains a source of shame for Europe. I was only due to those many years of passivity by the international community, conveniently disguised as „neutrality“, that the political and military leadership of the Serbs assumed that the UN would prove to be a paper tiger in the case of Srebrenica as well....The generally recognized principle of „non-intervention in domestic affairs“  arising from a respect for national sovereignty, which was valid until that time, proved to be in need of revision, as did the supposed „neutrality“ of the UN with respect to armed conflicts.
8Ralf Fuks, Member of Boards of Directors of the Foundation:Srebrenica made visible the disastrous consequences of divergent foreign policy conduct by the states of Europe... The Heinrich Boll Foundation hopes that this project will contribute to international understanding of the political and international legal conclusions to be drawn from the genocide in Srebrenica, as well as of the transformation process of the post-war societies in Southeast Europe.
18Sonja BiserkoIn the judgment passed on General Kstić, it also says that „the events of the nine days from July 10-19, 1995. in Srebrenica daffy description in their horror and their implications from humankind's capacity to revert to act of brutality under the stress of conflict“
19Sonja BiserkoUnfortunately, western governments avoided calling the crime by its proper name-genocide-so as to eschew their obligation from the Convention, which, ultimately, implies intervening.
21Sonja BiserkoToday we live surrounded by those who devised and created this criminal policy. (Their number increased in time and with every new crime.) Today they have a monopoly over Serbia. This means they have a monopoly over the media.  The lie circulated by most of the media has deformed the society and now lives deeply embedded in delusion and confusion. All feelings of responsibility and remorse are thwarted by the promotion of self-pity and the feeling of constant endangerment because of an alleged injustice on the part of the international community against the Serbian people.
28Gojko BerićI have always wondered: what is it in the minds of murderers that make the slaughter of innocent people seem so irresistible? Is man the only animal that takes sadistic pleasure in the extermination of own kind?
28Gojko BerićThe driving force behind this evil was the politics of Milosevic’s regime, and its fuel were the lies of Serb nationalists and the project of Greater Serbia embodied in the slogan „All Serbs in one state“ At that time, no one remembered that Hitler's slogan „All Germans  in one state“ was  the introduction to the Second World War.                                                                                The pillars of every war policy are the army, the secret police and the media, so Milosevic did not have to reinvent the wheel. He found spiritual benefactors in the Serbian Academy of Art and Sciences, among Serbian writers and in the Serbian Orthodox Church.
30Gojko BerićKofi Annan admitted to the culpability of the international community, saying that „Srebrenica is the greatest shame in the history of the United Nations“ 
32Gojko BerićNine years had to go by before the government of Republican Srpska publicly admitted that a mass war crime was committed in Srebrenica.  However, this confession did not come about as a result of catharsis, much less of remorse and shame, instead, it was forced. The pressure of the High Representatives and ample facts in support of the massacre were too heavy a load even for the sworn guardians of Radovan Karadžić. 
33Gojko BerićAmong the leading Serb politicians, there is not a single one willing to utter this word, in contrast to the great Bertold Brecht who, in the midst of World War II despaired over the fate of his country: Oh, Germany, pale mother! How have your sons arrayed you That you sit among the peoples A thing of scorn and fear!....
32Gojko BerićSpeaking at the commemoration at the German Theatre, organized by the World Jewish Forum, The German Chancellor Gerhard Schroder said with tears in his eyes:“ I am ashamed before those who perished and those who survived.“
33Gojko BerićThe Memorial Centre is located on the territory of Karadžić's fascist creation called Republika Srpska. If all the dead of Srebrenica could speak, they would die a second time, divested because of having to lie in the midst of their executioners and persecutors. On the other hand, that field of graves and death is punishment for the Serbs: it is the image of their crime that can never be removed from that landscape.
39Madeliene Albright, ambassador USA in front of Council of security of the UN, 10. 08. 1995.I am reminded of the words of the poet Archibald Macleish, who wrote in 1940 of the world’s passive response to rise of fascism that: „Murder is not absolved of immorality by bringing men to think that murder is not evil. This only the perversion of the mind can bring about. And the perversion of the mind is only possible when those who should be heard in its defense are silent“.  
50Chris KeulemansWhy then, during those sweltering days in July 1995. when Dutch troops could have defended their own principles of civilization, jet alone thousands innocent civilians, did they turn away?
54Marieluise BeckThere was quite a bit of controversy in the leftist-Green-social democratic milieu surrounding the question of how to counter the aggressors on Balkan. Not even the question of who were the perpetrators and who were the victims was clearly discernible to many; among other reasons, this was apparently an attempt to avoid the hard fact that what was needed was to take the side of the victims, clearly and without reservation.
54Marieluise BeckWas not the use of counter-force a legitimate-indeed, a morally necessary –measure to stop injustice? 
58Freimut DuveOn Saturday, May 16, 1992, Serb reservists came into the small Bosnian village of Zaklopača at 4:00 in the morning. The soldiers surrounded the village, and…..On the evening of May 16, there were no people of Muslim origin left in the village. Everyone had been killed or forced to flee….There were hundreds of Zaklopačas in Bosnia. The perpetrators were: regular Serb soldiers, armed Serb bands (Chetniks), and individual Serbs from neighboring towns who personally knew their victims. Following the murder and expulsion of the residents, the perpetrators looted anything moveable from the village; they drove away the animals and robbed the homes.
62Vaclav HavelThe state is a human, and humans are God s creation.I still see the tragedy of the mass murder in Srebrenica as contained primarily in the fact that Europe was not able to decidedly answer that question and then negotiate on the basis of its answer. That is why, at all the negotiations, I always pointed out that Europe s diplomatic and military actions in the Balkans were flawed and feeble. I believe that a direct confrontation with this failure will bring about the expected changes in decision making in the UN and that the foreign policy makers of the European Union will have learned their lesson.Only in that way can we, at least at this late hour, truly pay our respects to the victims of Srebrenica. Otherwise, this tragedy will not be the last. 
69Konstanty GebertWith the unstated belief that the international communities inaction requires explanation, an explanation possible only if some other interests, be they unspeakable, proved more important than Srebrenica s right to live. For this belief indicates that, for all their disillusionment, the conspiracy theorist still believe that the international community would have acted, had those dark interests not intervened. 
75Swanee Hunt organizator During organization the commemoration of the killed man from Srebrenica in base near the Tuzla: „The USA military commander providing security was concerned the event would not be „even-handed“ (His version of „even“, he later explained, was to have the same number of Serbs, Croats, and Muslims indicted for war crimes.)“
74Swanee Hunt organizatorTo pressure policymakers to act, we mobilized women all over the world to sign an open letter for the international Herald Tribune. Getting the text cleared at State seemed to take forever.
89Christian Schwarc-SchillingAll the signs of resolute genocide were already visible when the Croatian town of Vukovar was overrun in the autumn of 1991. The fact that action met no serious opposition from the West encouraged Milošević to pursue his course. And he did. In the events that followed, aggression and genocide escalated unbearably into the war against Bosnia and Herzegovina. The strategy of „ethnic cleansing“ was not a regrettable side effect of the war, namely, but rather the strategic objective of a military campaign.
91Christian Schwarc-SchillingFrom the perspective of Great Britain’s, the end of the war could only be brought about by mutual „ exhaustion“of the „warring parties“after they had fought with each other long enough....... The philosopher Karl Popper, who until then lived in England called on European leaders not to betray the continent's values and ideals and to undertake decisive action to stop genocide in the Balkans
94-95Christian Schwarc-Schilling Leaders of NATO act as if the alliance and its military resources existed purely for the purpose of symbolic demonstration. Can it be true that the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, the strongest alliance in the world, is unable to generate acceptance for the resolutions of the United Nations Security Council to protect the innocent people of Bosnia?We now see that leading members of the UN and NATO are not at all concerned with an effective instrument to save the people of Bosnia. 
101Christian Schwarc-SchillingWhen we start to tolerate small deviations from our core values, the resulting shift in orientation grows every day, and catastrophic events approach more quickly than one could ever imagine. During this period of struggling for orientation, particularly the clergy and other religious leaders, as well as cultural leaders, professionals and scientists, must ask themselves on which side they actually stand. Are they fighting for totalitarian ideologies or preserving the above-mentioned core values of free societies.
102Christian Schwarc-SchillingIf such actions must be taken against a totalitarian regime, the role of the international community as a „neutral“facilitator is illusionary or even perverse.
119Bogdan Bogdanović For the sake of difficult, though sacred truth, I would like to make a note of the fact that remembering this crime is the only apology. For at least some of us Serbs, it is not just a matter of historical shame, but also of the deep pain of a fratricidal sin.The fate
125Emir SuljagićToday, they are no longer people, but mere ruins. Today, they are people without a past, for it was taken away from them, and without a future. They are equally abandoned today as they were ten years ago. Actually, that is the only thing we took with us from Srebrenica. A cosmic feeling of abandonment:
134Nebojša Popov Quote by Hegel: “Precisely because you did nothing to abolish the existing evil with your action, you are not only guilty, but as a passive and silent participant in the world s existing evil you become and remain-evil.”Therefore, standing up to a concrete evil is the only way to produce well.
147Carla Del PonteThe events of the nine days from July 10-19 1995 in Srebrenica defy description in their horror and their implications for humankind s capacity to revert to acts of brutality under the stresses of conflict. 
152Susan SontagBut in the case of Bosnia the indifference, the lack of effort to try to imagine, was more acute than I ever anticipated. You find that the only people you feel comfortable with are those who have been to Bosnia too. If Slobodan Milošević, who started the war, wants the war to end and can impose this decision on his proxies in Pale, then the successful campaign to destroy Bosnia by killing or driving into exile most of its population is, in most senses, finished. Finished, too, is what the Bosnians had held our for; their internationally recognized unitary state.So Bosnia (an utterly transformed Bosnia) is to be partitioned. So might instead of right has triumphed.
153Susan SontagBut the Europeans didn’t t want to stop the conflict (both the British Foreign Office and the Quay d Orsay are traditionally pro-Serb), and the Americans, the only major power to acknowledge that justice was on the Bosnian side, were reluctant to get involved.
154Susan SontagBut intellectuals –the writers, theatre people, artists, professors, scientists who have a record of speaking up on important public events and issues of conscience-have been as conspicuous by their absence from the Bosnian conflict as they were by their presence in Spain in the 1930s 
155Susan SontagTo bolster the fiction that this is, at its deepest source, a religious war, the label” Muslim“ is invariably used to describe the victims, their army and their government-though no one would think of describing the invaders as the Orthodox and the Catholics. Do many secular “Western” intellectuals who might be expected to have raised their voices to defend Bosnia share these prejudices? Of course they do. 
156Susan SontagNowhere are voices proclaiming that Europe is dead, too. I t may be more true to say that Europe  has yet to be born: a Europe  that takes responsibility for its defenseless minorities and for upholding that values it has no choice but to incarnate (Europe will be multicultural, or it won’t be at all). And Bosnia is its self-induced abortion.
159Marieluise Beck, Alliance 90/The Greens group in parliament, statement the June 30, 1995.The history of Germany Fascism teaches us that Poland, Russia and the peoples we attacked were able to defend themselves only with military counterforce. Auschwitz was liberated by soldiers. The war against the people in Bosnia, the murder, rape, concentration camps and expulsion, are following a publicly expressed will of Serb extremists for their extermination. Anyone can see who the perpetrators are and who ere the victims of this war. The community of nations should have long since distanced itself from a position of neutrality to stand unequivocally on the side of the victims.
 Comment The  Institute of peace and existent ion of civilizations, SarajevoAfter horrifying war crimes Serb above Bonsais in the whole territory B&H under Serbs control, in Srebrenica even and genocide, as it is in rendered decision of the International Court of Justice. If the Western governments insists that Bosnian who survived.” to stay under government same structure of Republican Srpska which has done war criminals and genocide, in that case Western to betray the all civilizations values and ideals  and cannot be excused their intercession for achieving  freedoms and human rights in the world It is if advance of the Wehrmacht in France had been halted after occupation of half of France, and the League of Nations called a conference among „the warring parties”, at which Germany was awarder 49% of France.  Hitler becomes time to be taken away, and after that they are wanted for Hitler to be judgmental them. But 49% of France stay occupied under the followers of criminals, which use the right of veto over majority and keeping positions gained by aggression, and thy are not agree to bi back and they are not ashamed to claim to keep what isn’t theirs.